Gamification : Fun is the Future

Fun can always change behaviors for the better”.

Personally i wouldn’t be writing this blog if i didn’t believe in that statement. Innovation and gamified experiences, whether that occurs in the physical or digital world, they seem to not only change human behaviors but also showcase the present and future for marketing initiatives.

I recently stumpled upon a great example of gamification in the real world that i felt it was worth sharing. This example is about speeding cameras. I am pretty sure you are all familiar with the speeding cameras : you drive over the speed limit, it takes a pictures and you get a ticket in your mail.

What happened in Sweden, a guy named Kevin Richardson, re-imagined the speeding cameras as part of a contest called fun theory. What he said was that everyone who is driving by the speed camera at or below the speed limit, is automatically entered into a lottery to split the prosits of the people who speed. It was lottery that you would get if you comply.

So, let me ask you a question : Which one of those two things do you think it works better and getting people to comply with the law?

  1. a big negative private  punishment ( ticket ) ?  OR

       2.  a positive slowly social reinforce that still has a punishment to feed on comply?

I suppose the answer is obvious… and this is a great example of game thinking. No marketing, no PR. just this. It’s an essential lesson of gamification and game theory and how it can accomplish that degree of behavior change into our lives.

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