Top Gamification Experts

The gamification industry has a lot of strong names behind it. Today, I would like to highlight the most prominent females and males in gamification. These people have all contributed greatly to the gamification industry and if you are interested in the subject, you can easily follow them on twitter to get the latest updates.

From the top 40 gamification gurus – May 2012,  this is the top 5  who really influences me the most when it comes to Gamification.

  1. Gabe Zichermann @gzicherm – His dream is to create a more engaging world. He share best practices for customer and employee engagement through gamification. TOP of the TOP.
  2. Michael Wu Ph.D. @mich8elwu – He talk about gamification, influence, predictive social analytic, cyber anthropology, social network nalysis, machine learning and community dynamics. Should i say more?…
  3. Jane McGonigal @avantgame – she believes that games make us better and talks about how they can change the world.
  4. Marigo Raftopoulos @marigo– Marigo Raftopoulos is the champion of gamification in Australia. She talks about strategy, gamification and games for change. Great influencer.
  5. Raf Keustermans @raf_keustermans – A real expert at social and mobile games.
See also a simple leaderboard of who is tweeting the most about Gamification.

Follow the Top 20 Gamification Gurus twitter list – Read daily newspaper: News by the Gamification Gurus – Master list of all 60 Gamification Gurus on twitter – and master list on Klout


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