Top 10 Presentations on Gamification

Here are a number of great presentation on gamification, in somewhat of a ranking order :

1. Meaningful Play. Getting Gamification Right
Sebastian Deterding…

2. Gamification Workshop. Designing the Player Journey
Amy Jo Kim…

3.  9.5 Theses. On the Power and Efficacy of Gamification
Sebastian Deterding…

4. Gamification. How Effective is it?
Jesse Schell, Sebastian Deterding, Michael Wu and co…

5. Long after the Thrill. Sustaining Passionate Users
Stephen Anderson…

6. Enterprise Gamification
Digital Accademia…

7. Work Better. Play Together? On Enterprise Gamification

8. Freeform: Reality Invaders

9. Gamification in Market Research
Elias Veris, Consulting…

10. A Small Story on Fans and Gamification

Let us know what are your thoughts. If you have any other in mind, share it with with us.


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