How would the World be without Internet?

We live in a networked world,where we can collaborate and share information in amazing new ways, ways that weren’t possible even five years ago.

Social web applications are now everywhere. Consider the following list of names you know and love, all of which are in the top 30 most-traffic web properties in the U.S. :

  •  YouTube grew faster than any web app in history as millions of people uploaded homemade videos
  •  Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia written by tens of thousands of contributors around the world
  •  MySpace is by far the most visited social network property, with 65 million people a month visiting in December 2007
  •  eBay is an amazing ecosystem where perfect strangers exchange billions of dollars a year in auctions without meeting face-to-face
  •  The photo sharing site Flickr allows millions of people to share photos with friends and loved ones
  •  Craigslist provides a simple interface where people can interact easily and do things, such as post classifieds, that they used to do in newspapers

But those are just the biggest ones. Lots and lots of smaller social web applications are sprouting up as people get more comfortable with the idea of interacting socially.

Here are some interesting ones:

  •  Sermo. A social network site that connects professional doctors in order to speed up information sharing and dissemination
  • PatientsLikeMe. A social network site that provides support for people living with HIV, ALS, and others
  • Kiva. A social network site that lets people in developed countries loan money to entrepreneurs in the developing world
  • Nike+. An app for runners who can upload their personal exercise information and share with others
  • LibraryThing. An app that allows you to upload and share your personal library and book ratings with others
  • RateMyProfessors. A hilarious site that allows students to rate professors in a public forum for all to see

Nowadays,  most of us take Internet for granted. The Infographic below shows how the world would have been like without Internet in our lives.  Does it sound scary enough to imagine the world without it? 

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